On this 4th of July, I am thinking a lot about independence and what it means for my life.

Independence, to me, is being able to design a life that works for me, to set my own schedule, to decide how to best take care of myself.

When I moved to Florida nearly 4 years ago, I promised myself that I would not get a job. I did not want to have to work for someone else ever again. I had started my own business, and I was willing to cut back and do without to protect that freedom.

And I continue to expand my independence. I am learning to grow my own food. I’m expanding the streams of income. I’m putting a focus on health and wellness that go beyond traditional western allopathic medicine.

You may have noticed all of this given the variety of posts that appear on this blog. I struggled for years trying to figure out which path was the true “me”. I moved from one interest to another, then back again. I am finally learning that they are all ME. They are the parts that make up the complete me, and I need to celebrate the fact that there are many parts to me.

The challenge now is finding a way to balance all the parts while maintaining my independence. It is an on-going journey, and one I look forward to.

I’m not sure if how I define independence in my life is something the Founding Fathers would recognize. Perhaps their greatest gift was creating a country where we can each pursue our own independence.

There is no right or wrong way to find your freedom. You have to decide what you are after and the best way to achieve it. The only thing I can do is encourage you to go after your independence.

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