About Gladys

Hi, I’m Gladys. Welcome to my space on the internet, where I share my thoughts and writing. I know I may appear to be scattered in many, seemingly unrelated,  directions, but since they are all a part of me, they tend to come together in the end.

I love to read, to crochet, to spill out my thoughts on video and on paper, to play in the dirt (garden), to go camping, and to challenge old thought patterns that have held me back for too long. (OK, so I don’t LOVE the last one, but I love the results I get when I question the negative voice in my head and CHOOSE to do things differently.)

What will you find on this website? My writing, both fiction and memoir. I also throw in some how-to guides for cooking, crafting, wellness and writing. Thoughts on living a simpler life, getting rid of what no longer serves me. Ways I am learning to be self-reliant. And who knows what else I’ll be interested in going forward.

Have questions? Just contact me and ask. Or leave a comment on a post. I do my best to answer everything, although it may take me a few days.

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Made it this far and still want to know more? Check out my Fun and Random Facts About Me.

Welcome to my adventures!


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