Medieval Minstrel Carvings in Beverley Minster

Three carvings of medieval minstrels in Beverley Minster

The Stonemason’s Secret, my forthcoming novel, follows the adventures of art historian Sarah Walker. While doing research for her dissertation, she discovers mysterious symbols carved on several of the minstrel figures in Beverley Minster. She has to find the clues, figure out how to read them, and recover the powerful Cup of Jamshid before the … Read moreMedieval Minstrel Carvings in Beverley Minster

The Stonemason’s Secret – Beginning Idea

Medieval carving of minstrel playing drums

“I’ll never write fiction,” I said. “I have no interest in writing fiction and besides, I have no ideas for stories.” This is what I told myself when I started writing two years ago. At the time I was drawn to personal essays, to telling my stories. I wrote and I wrote, pages and pages … Read moreThe Stonemason’s Secret – Beginning Idea

The Stonemason’s Secret – First Revisions

(This post is part of a series on my process of writing, editing and publishing my first book, The Stonemason’s Secret. Though this is the first post published, it is not the first chronologically…because I didn’t think to do this earlier! I’ll add in posts giving what happened from the beginning, and continue with posts … Read moreThe Stonemason’s Secret – First Revisions