Gift Ideas for Readers and Book Lovers

Looking for gift ideas for the readers/book lovers on your list? Take a look at some ideas I found around the internet. And…as a reader yourself, you feel free to use it to create your own list!

Books or Gift Cards to Bookshops

If you know what someone likes to read, a book by a favorite author or in a genre they like can be perfect.

If you aren’t sure of the reading preferences, a gift card to a local book store or an online shop can fit the bill.

You can order physical books from (which helps support local bookstores), or contact a bookstore near the recipient and place an order directly with them.


If you read physical books, you need a bookmark. Why not gift someone a nice one so they don’t have to grab the nearest piece of paper lying around. Etsy is the perfect place to do a search for unique and hand-crafted items your recipient is sure to love.


There are a host of reader- and book-related tee shirts, hats, socks, etc. out there! You can do an internet search, or try Etsy, or print-on-demand sites like TeeSpring.

Household Items

Mugs, decorative pillows, book ends, reading lights, cocktail napkins, and other household items are fun and useful gifts for book lovers. Try an online search and see what turns up.

Reading Log or Journal

Many readers like to keep a record of books they have read. You can buy a log book designed just for that, or gift them a plain journal so they can create their own. Amazon and Etsy are good places to start looking. 

Feeling Crafty?

Try making them this DIY Book Page Wreath!

Those are just a few ideas I have to find the perfect gift for readers and book lovers. What other ideas do you have? Leave a comment and share!

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