List of Links for Curios Minds July 2018

List of Links July 2018

Welcome! Below are listed links I found during July 2018 that sparked my interest. I think they are worth sharing so that’s what this post is about.

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And I am always interested in what other people find. Please share any links that you found interesting, informative and/or funny in the comments below or on social media.

To Map The Human – Gaiutra Bahadur shares memories of her grandmother, including the fact she illegally entered the United States in the 1980s. As she works to create, and complete, a map of her grandmother’s life, Bahadur wonders what would have happened if her grandmother was alive today and if she was found to be illegal.

Color or Fruit? On the Unlikely Etymology of “Orange” – Curious about how the fruit and color got the name orange? Click the link to find out!

10 Books with Incredibly Clever Hidden Messages – Even more to puzzle out! How many of these books have you read, and did you catch the hidden message(s)? I remember reading the one mentioned in Harry Potter but did not catch the hidden message.

Did a Medieval Purge of Black Cats Cause the Black “Death? I am fascinated with Medieval art and history and I love cats, so of course, I’m going to be curious about this article! Also, I have an idea for a mystery/thriller fiction book, and part of it is going to be set in medieval England just before the Black Death, so I’m also taking notes for that project. The article is fun and easy to read, and source documents are listed for further research.

The Romanovs’ Art of Survival – Many members of the Romanov family perished in Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution, yet many survived, creating new lives in other countries around the world. It turns out, many of them were talented artists, a family tradition, and found creating art helped them cope with living in an uncertain world.

Visiting A Secret Museum In The Middle Of The Uzbek Desert – The world’s second largest collection of Soviet avant-guard art was collected by one man who opened a museum in the Uzbekistan desert to display them. Fascinating story about the man and the works he saved.

A Brief History of Cryptography in Crime Fiction – Ever try solving a cryptograph? Many authors have used codes and the breaking of them in crime fiction and mystery stories, and Gray Basnight takes a look at some of them. Bonus: he even includes a cryptograph at the end of his article for readers to solve!

How World War One Gave Rise to the Traditional Mystery – If you enjoy reading traditional mysteries (or detective fiction), check out this article. The genre many of us love (yes, me too!) came about in response to what people went through during WWI.

Mice Were Wildly Popular In Children’s Books In The ’90s – But Why? – Click the link to find out! 🙂

A Winnie-the-Pooh Illustration Has Sold For More Than Any Other Book Illustration Ever – Pooh is in the news these days with the release of the movie Christopher Robin (if anyone has seen it, please let me know what you think). The illustration, a map of the Hundred Acre Woods, sold at Sotheby’s for $570,000!!! You can see the map here.

Rereading Childhood Books Can Be Therapeutic – What was your favorite childhood book? When was the last time you read it? Turns out it can be good therapy to do so, rediscovering an old favorite and a piece of our younger selves.

When I think of my favorite childhood book, the one that comes to mind first is Andrew Henry’s Meadow by Doris Burns. I was delighted to find a blog post that tells about the book, quotes a bit of it, and has pictures of the illustrations so I can relieve it again while sharing with you. There is something magical about going out and creating a home that is just right for you, then helping others do the same. I still love the low-tech ways Andrew Henry solves everyday problems (like the paddle wheel in the stream to power the hand fan for a breeze). I need to buy a copy of this book, and read and dream again!

The Dos and Don’ts of Supporting Your Local Library –  Libraries have played a huge role in my life (I even wrote about it earlier this year), and this article tells me that things I already do – check out books both in person and online – benefit the library. Now, I need to do more “dos” from the list.

These Are the Best Songs to Dance To, According to Computer Science – And now for something fun! Agree with this list or frustrated they left your favorite song to dance to off the list? Not familiar with some of the songs? Search for them and listen for an afternoon pick-up.

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