Do I Keep It? Gifts From Loved Ones

It’s a challenge we all encounter, and multiple times throughout our lives. We are given a gift by a loved one, and we don’t like and need it. We know the giver took time and effort to choose something they thought we would love, and we appreciate that. We may also face the challenge of how to answer them if they ask how we like it (or worse, why we aren’t wearing it/don’t display it/don’t use it).

What I want to address now are the gifts given years ago, that are stored in the back of closets and drawers, but you still can’t let go of.

You love the giver, but not the gift. Seeing the gift reminds you of them, and their love, yet the gift itself adds nothing to your life. In fact, you may feel guilty because you don’t display or use it. Hating the gift does not mean you hate the giver.

Letting go of the gift does not mean you will forget the person and their thoughtfulness. You can always take a photo of the gift and write a note as recording who gave it to you and why. Nor does it mean that you don’t love the person and appreciate the effort that went into purchasing it for you.

Letting go does not mean you no longer love the person. It does mean that you honor your space now and keep what you love and use.

By letting go of it you put it out into the world where someone who will enjoy and appreciate it can have it. This may be a family member who would enjoy it and appreciate the history behind it.

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