Decluttering For Others

Air diffusers piled on the floor

After moving in with my husband, I helped declutter several spaces in the house. The pantry was relieved of boxed and canned goods, some of which had expired 3 years before. The hall closet was cleared of expired medicines and organized to make it easier to find things. Eight months later, the hall closet needed … Read moreDecluttering For Others

“Where Do I Begin?” 6 Tips to Get Started Decluttering

Six tips to start decluttering

One of the biggest challenges to decluttering is knowing where to begin. If you are facing a whole-house declutter, it can be overwhelming. The advice to “just pick something and start” is not bad, and it is certainly better than nothing. However, if you just jump in anywhere and start, you may find yourself coming … Read more“Where Do I Begin?” 6 Tips to Get Started Decluttering