Beat the Heat – Cooling Neckerchief

Cooling NeckerchiefIt was the summer of 1980, and it was hot. Not just in south Arkansas, where I was a rising high school senior, but throughout most of the US. Record highs for a record length of time meant everyone was looking for ways to stay cool.

And one method that I remember was from the US Women’s Open golf tournament. Amy Alcott, the eventual winner, wrapped a wet bandana around her neck to help stay cool. Though she was teased by some, the fact she won in the hot conditions made me think she was on to something.

So I’ve done the same to help me cope with hot summer days. Once tied on, it is hands-free. It is also easy to simply re-wet to keep the cooling effect going. You can also put the wet bandana in the refrigerator for a few minutes to cool it even more. Watch the video of how I do it.

Why the neck? Because it is one of your body’s pulse points, where the blood passes near the surface making it easy to begin cooling. Other pulse points include your wrists and ankles, and these are other options for wrapping a wet cloth around.

You can also add a drop of essential oil to your water to enhance the cooling effect. Peppermint is an especially good one. PLEASE NOTE: Peppermint essential oil may increase blood pressure. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE USING. Other essential oils that help cool your body include spearmint and eucalyptus. Test and see what works best for YOUR body whether individually or combined.

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