Monthly Challenge: Identify What You Love

Grandma's jewelryWhen helping clients to declutter, one criteria I ask is if they love an item. If they say yes they do, I then ask them if it is placed where they can enjoy it regularly. It can be displayed on a shelf, hang prominently in your closet, or be the first thing you see when you open a cupboard door.

If an item makes you smile when you see it, reminds you of people or events you cherish, and puts you in a better mood, you don’t want to hide them. Even if it needs to be stored in a box to protect it, make sure the box is accessible so you take a peek at it from time to time.

My challenge to you this month is to go through your home and identify the things you have that you love. If you already display and enjoy it, good for you! If it is not displayed, why not? What is out that you don’t love so you can make room for something you do?

And as an added challenge, if you don’t love something, why not remove it permanently? You can give away, donate, or sell; the result it you make space to enjoy the things that you love.

I’m doing this challenge myself. The photo shows some of the costume jewelry that was my grandmother’s. While I have worn the pieces on occasion, they are stored away in boxes and I forget I have them. I want to find a way to safely store them but in a location I look at often as a reminder. And maybe I’ll even find an occasion to wear them!

Post updates in the comments to share your stories, challenges and successes.

Keep What Makes You Happy

Marbles 1My boyfriend recently received a box from his mom. Among the things inside were toys he had as a child. It was like Christmas in the middle of summer as he pulled the items out and shared his memories with me.

What he spent the most time looking at and talking about was a plastic bag filled with marbles. Marbles in all colors and different sizes. Marbles he had won and traded for. Marbles he had played with, collected and saved. The joy on his face and in his voice brought me much happiness as well.

Later, he took each marble from the bag and carefully cleaned them. There was no question that these needed to be displayed where we could see them regularly, a visual reminder of the happy memories. We didn’t have anything that would display them properly, so I purchased the jar you see in the photo. Placed on a shelf near a window, they always make me smile when I look at them.

What makes you happy to see? What brings a smile to your face when you look at it? These are things to consider keeping, and more importantly, to display, where you can see them, and smile, regularly.

Release what no longer lights you up, to make space for that which does.

What do you have on display that brightens your day? What is waiting in the back of a cabinet or closet that you could bring out into the light?

*Note: some items you choose to keep may be harmed by being out in light and air. Please use caution in choosing which items you display and where you display them.