Solar Oven Cooking


Since I live in Florida, a.k.a. The Sunshine State, I want to try using a sun-on-surfsolar oven to cook with. I love to bake bread, but the thought using the oven on hot (even warm) days makes me cringe. Add to that the cost of the natural gas to use the oven, and the extra electricity to run the air conditioner to cool the house…it only makes sense to use what is free and in abundance outside.

Research on the internet has provided solar ovens to buy and instructions to DIY. So I want to reach out to anyone who has a solar oven, either purchased or made, to give me your feedback. What do you like/dislike about the oven you use and solar cooking in general? What would you do differently? Did you start with a homemade version then upgrade to purchase one? Recommendations on brands? Anything else you want to add, including telling me I am crazy??

I’ll probably combine all the advice and tips in a future post, along with what I learn, to help others who want to do the same.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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