Reuse Essential Oil Bottle – Rollerball

Rollerball bottlePeppermint was the first Essential Oil (EO) I discovered, and I used it often during my migraines. I would inhale it and put it on my forehead.

And because I use Peppermint EO often, I have a lot of empty bottles that I cannot bring myself to throw out. Yes, even though I teach people to declutter, it just seemed there should be a way to reuse them. Also, but bottle wasn’t truly empty. Since I had not washed it, there was still residual oil in there, and I would often let the open bottle diffuse .

At last, I had an a-ha moment: put a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil and carrier oil in the bottle, add in a rollerball insert, and roll it on my head! I even added a label to indicate the carrier oil and EO in there.

Oh, how I wish I had thought of this earlier!

To insert the rollerball, you need to remove the insert that comes in the bottle, place the rollerball in the opening of the bottle, put the rollerball cap on, and press down while tightening the cap. That pushes the rollerball insert into place. Check to be sure it is securely in place before using.

The same idea can be used for other empty essential oil bottles. Add a few drops of the original essential oil or blend, carrier oil, and a rollerball insert. I think I’m going to do this with Panaway next for my finger joints.

What essential oil or blend will you try? Leave a comment and add a photo!

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