New Year Decluttering Check In

2016 GoalsWe are nearing the end of January. My first question is, “How did that happen so fast?!?” My next question is, “if you said you were going to declutter in 2016, how is it going?”

Setting goals (or resolutions) for a new year is a common practice, and one I think is very beneficial. It helps to set an intention for how you want the current year to be different from the previous one. And while setting an intention is where you start, you have to decide on action steps and implement them to make them happen.

If your intention was to declutter and/or get organized in 2016, what steps have you taken? I’ll remind you that you need to declutter BEFORE you organize; otherwise you are going to organize everything including clutter instead of what you want and need to have in your home.

“It is only too late if you don’t start now.” Barbara Sher

If you haven’t yet taken steps toward your intention, that’s okay. Choose to begin TODAY. While I believe that tackling big areas over a day or 2 is powerful, I also encourage you to tackle something (ANYTHING!) today. Maybe it is a stack of papers on your counter. What about that drawer of clothes you keep meaning to go through. Do you have a phone list on your refrigerator? Why not type or write a new one with updated information and throw away the old one (including sticky notes).

If the weather is bad in your area this weekend, why not set aside a block of time and clean out your closet – bathroom – refrigerator – (fill in with area you need to tackle most).

Get out your calendar and decide when you are going to do some decluttering/organizing, then WRITE IT DOWN IN INK! Plan this activity in your schedule as you would any other appointment.

Need some encouragement to get going or to keep going? Contact me to schedule a phone consultation to help you lighten your load in 2016.

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