Itch Relief Spray for Bug Bites

As much as we can try to avoid bug bites (see here for my attempts to find an outdoor blend for keeping mosquitoes away) they do happen. So, having a blend on hand to take the itch away can be very handy.

Outdoore Blend #1I originally made this Purification and Lavender Outdoor Blend to keep mosquitoes away on a camping trip. It wasn’t as effective as I had hoped, but I later realized it might work well as a spray for itchy bites. I took it along on the next camping trip, but I (thankfully) didn’t need to use it until after I got home. The evening I returned, I had very itchy bites along the inside of both feet. I assume that I walked through something in the yard while watering the plants. They were very itchy! So I sprayed the blend on both feet and rubbed it in.

And it helped quite a bit. Slight itching, but nothing I felt I needed to scratch. After about 3 hours, they were itching again, so I sprayed thoroughly before going to bed. Over the next two days, I found I needed to spray a couple of times a day to keep the itching under control. I am pleased I found something to ease itching, and a way to use the Essential Oil blend.

Another option would be to put a drop each of Lavender and Purification in a few drops of a carrier oil and rubbing it on. This would allow you to apply to a few itchy bites.

Have you found a good solution for bug bites? Please share in the comments!

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