Itch Relief Spray for Bug Bites

As much as we can try to avoid bug bites they do happen. So, having a blend on hand to take the itch away can be very handy.

Outdoore Blend #1I originally made this Purification and Lavender Outdoor Blend to keep mosquitoes away on a camping trip. It wasn’t as effective as I had hoped, but I later realized it might work well as a spray for itchy bites. I took it along on the next camping trip, but I (thankfully) didn’t need to use it until after I got home. The evening I returned, I had very itchy bites along the inside of both feet. I assume that I walked through something in the yard while watering the plants. They were very itchy! So I sprayed the blend on both feet and rubbed it in.

And it helped quite a bit. Slight itching, but nothing I felt I needed to scratch. After about 3 hours, they were itching again, so I sprayed thoroughly before going to bed. Over the next two days, I found I needed to spray a couple of times a day to keep the itching under control. I am pleased I found something to ease itching, and a way to use the Essential Oil blend.

Another option would be to put a drop each of Lavender and Purification in a few drops of a carrier oil and rubbing it on. This would allow you to apply to a few itchy bites.

Have you found a good solution for bug bites? Please share in the comments!

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